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BartoBar itinerary stretches across the Langa hills, from Barbaresco to Barolo districts passing through Alta Langa. This is a 124 km long route divided into seven stages full of those many natural, cultural and wine and food treasures which you’ll discover during your “andar per langa”, as the locals call the touristic wandering across the area. Langa del Barbaresco is the eastern part of this region and stretches from Alba towards the pleasant Moscato hills of Asti, with beautiful shelves on the close Roero district. In this area, which includes the municipalities of Barbaresco, Neive, Treiso and the suburb of Alba San Rocco Seno d’Elvio, the great noble wine Barbaresco is produced. The wide vine cultivated hills extend for many square kilometers as far as the eye can see, just interrupted by the calanque erosions of Rocche and by Tanaro river, which separates Langa from Roero district. The villages are real treasures sheltered on hilltops, where art and culture mix together with wine aromas creating a timeless emotion atmosphere. Langa del Barolo is a limited land stripe which stretches south from Alba and whose cultural centre is Barolo, birthplace of the notorious “king of wines”...


Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe Roero
Langhe Roero Tourist Board
Piazza Risorgimento, 2
12051 Alba (CN)